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The Ultimate ChatGPT Desktop Client

GPTAnywhere is the ultimate ChatGPT desktop client designed to make multitasking with ChatGPT effortless and efficient. Built with the powerful GPT-3 (gpt-3.5-turbo) technology, GPTAnywhere offers unparalleled accuracy and access to all your conversations even when you are offline, ensuring that you always stay ahead of the game.


  • 🤖 Easy one-click jailbreak with DAN
  • 💾 Access conversations offline
  • 🦜️ Chat with documents (txt, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, images, and more) in real-time
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 GPT4All support
  • 🧑‍💻 Accepts native terminal commands (beta)
  • 📄 Support for Markdown formatting
  • ✍️ Suggest powerful ChatGPT prompts each time a new tab is opened
  • 💾 Auto-save functionality for saving all your conversations with ChatGPT
  • 4️⃣ GPT-4 model option for users with early access
  • ⌨️ Easy access from anywhere with a customizable keyboard shortcut
  • ⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts to open and close tabs
  • ⏳ Sessions never timeout
  • 🖥️ Seamless integration with both Windows and Mac

GPTAnywhere offers the perfect solution for multitasking while communicating with ChatGPT.

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To everyone who has donated to this project, you are loved and I feel immense gratitude for your support❤️


v1.8.3 (current)

  • Bugfix: Fixed auto-scroll regression. Auto-scroll now works when users are at the bottom of conversations.
  • Currently working on a fix for response history cloning to the current tab if a response has finished in a different tab. This bug can be temporarily resolved by switching to a different tab, and then back again.


  • Bugfix: Sidebar now works correctly with split view. Tabs will be opened in the last active view, and conversations in on either side can be deleted


  • Bugfix: Input width.


  • New feature: Split view. Engage in two conversations simultaneously by right clicking and selecting the new "Split View" option!


  • Enhancement/Bugfix: App performance with Markdown/Syntax highlighting enabled. Code blocks previously caused performance issues when typing.
  • Known bugs:
    • Very long lines within code blocks do not wrap properly. Fix in progress.


  • Fix Markdown styling.


  • Fix "Stop Generating Response" button style.
  • The spinning loader looks a little funny now🙃We will fix this soon!


  • Enhancement: Ability to input custom GPT4All model name.
  • UI overhaul💅


  • New feature: GPT4All support! Users may now use GPTAnywhere to connect and chat with their own locally hosted large language model (does not currently support streaming as it seems to be broken in GPT4All API). This means GPTAnywhere users can chat with GPT4All LLMs without an internet connection.


  • Enhancement: Switch/cycle tab keyboard shortcuts. Press Ctrl+Tab to go to the next tab. Press Ctrl+Shift+Tab to go to the previous tab.
  • Enhancement: Memory management improvement for smoother response streaming.
  • Bugfix: Regression in Markdown word-break/word-wrap styling.
  • Bugfix: UI issues after receiving multiple response errors, either after selecting the wrong model or outage of OpenAI's service.
  • Change: New background for new tabs.


  • Enhancement: Syntax highlighting for code blocks🖋️Users may enable syntax highlighting (and Markdown) by right clicking and selecting "Toggle Markdown".
  • Enhancement: Performance improvement🏃‍♀️Responses for conversations with large local documents/files will now be faster and more accurate.
  • Various other styling changes and enhancements.
  • Note to users: Large documents may take a few moments to process and load into GPTAnywhere. Instead of freezing the entire app, they simply load in the background. In a future release, a notification area for loading documents will be added.


  • Bugfix: Conversations with files not loading responses after the very first launch, unless a message was sent in a regular chat first.


  • Bugfix: App not loading for new users after v1.6.0 who had never launched the app on previous versions.
  • Styling enhancements to Search and Manage Conversations.


  • Bugfix: Prevent users from renaming conversations with documents. Renaming for document conversations will be reimplemented in future updates.
  • Bugfix: System tray/taskbar icon on Windows no longer invisible.


  • New feature: LangChain Integration 🦜️🔗 Chat With Your Documents! Simply drag-and-drop supported files into GPTAnywhere to begin asking questions to your txt, docx, pdf, csv, json files and more!
  • Enhancement: Hovering over a tab now displays its full name.
  • Enhancement: Configurable number of conversation backups.
  • Enhancement: Text selection color now contrasts blue user message background.
  • Regression: We broke the x86/32-bit build on Windows😔. v1.6.0 will only be available in 64-bit format (portable and full install).
  • Reminder to users: Chatting with large documents will require more data to be sent to OpenAI, and therefore may increase API usage costs. In the future, GPTAnywhere will be enhanced to include a running-cost counter.
  • Known bugs
    • Deleting the langchain data folder will cause conversations with documents to show the loading icon forever. Please do not delete the langchain folder without first deleting the conversations.


  • Important Bugfix: Users may have previously experienced a bug where pressing "Save" in Settings would cause all message history to be cleared if the user did not send another message after saving. Users who purchased GPTAnywhere for more than $0 and experienced this bug may contact us for a full refund.
  • Enhancement: Configurable backup interval.


  • New feature: Automatic checks for updates in the Settings menu.


  • Enhancement: Conversations now backup every 5 minutes. A maximum of 15 backups are stored before replacing the least most recent backup. Restoration and management features for backups will follow in future releases.


  • Enhancement: Add "gpt-4" model option to 'Settings' dialog.
  • Known bugs
    • gpt-4-32k model returning request errors or invalid responses. We are currently developing without access to GPT-4. Please contact us with any issues you experience with GPT-4 functionality.


  • Bugfix: App no longer crashes for certain queries in the 'Search' dialog.


  • Enhancement: Text search results in the 'Search' dialog no longer pushes the "Done" button off screen.
  • Bugfix: GPTAnywhere v1.5.0 x86 build was accidentally uploaded as the x64 build on the Windows download page. All platform/architecture versions are now available again.


  • New feature: Text searching! Users can search for text across all conversations using the new sidebar button, or search for text in the current conversation by pressing Command+F or Ctrl+F.
  • New feature: GPT-powered input placeholders. Instead of seeing "Inquire With ChatGPT...", users will see a brief summary/title of the current conversation after sending a message. The summary is automatically generated using gpt-3. Placeholders reset between app launches.
  • New feature: Support for gpt-4-32k. Users must have access to GPT-4, which is still currently in beta as of GPTAnywhere v1.5.0.
  • Work-in-Progress/Enhancement: Users may now switch tabs while responses are generating. Generating multiple ChatGPT responses in parallel is now supported but users may experience unpredictable behavior until further development.
  • Change: Light mode scrollbar background now matches app background color on Windows.
  • Change: Dark mode active tab highlight color now matches light mode.
  • Bugfix: Users who switched tabs while generating a response on versions < 1.5.0 may have experienced duplication in conversation history. This should no longer occur.
  • Many under-the-hood fixes and improvements.


  • New feature: Light mode! Choose between light mode and dark mode in the Settings menu.
  • New feature: Stop responses while they are still generating. Users my now cancel responses from ChatGPT by clicking the new "Stop Generating Response" button.
  • Enhancement: Settings menu styling.
  • Bugfix: Wrong tab being highlighted after rearranging tabs by drag and drop.
  • Bugfix: Markdown styling. Large images will no longer break app styling.
  • Known bugs:
    • If a user generates a ChatGPT response, switches tabs, then clicks "Stop Generating Response", the partial response will be added to the tab the user switched to. Solutions to behavior when switching tabs while generating responses, as well as generating multiple responses are in progress.


  • New feature: Markdown support! Users may now toggle markdown formatting within conversations by right clicking anywhere in the app and selecting "Toggle Markdown".
  • Enhancement: Rename dialog now automatically selects all text in the input box.
  • Bugfix: Conversations with less than 3 messages not appearing in "Manage Conversations" menu.


  • Bugfix: User input no longer cuts off on the right side of the input field.
  • Bugfix: Windows terminal commands now process correctly (still in beta)


  • Enhancement: Conversations can now be scrolled while ChatGPT responses are generating. Auto-scroll will only occur when users are near the bottom of the conversation history.
  • Enhancement: As of Sun Apr 30, 2023, GPTAnywhere should now be signed and notarized with Apple. New users should no longer be presented a warning on the first launch. We have switched to a ZIP file for MacOS app distribution.
  • Bugfix: Sidebar styling. Width no longer shrinks when opening many tabs.
  • Partial Bugfix: Conversation history now saves to the correct tab if the user switches tab while a response is generating. It is still currently unadvised to switch tabs, or ask another question while a response is being generated. Further enhancements to come.


  • Minor performance improvement.
  • Known bugs:
    • "Save" and "Close" buttons being occasionally unresponsive/un-clickable in the "Settings" menu. Typically, this can be fixed my switching to another app and then back to GPTAnywhere.
    • Changing tabs while a response is being generated will cause it to be included in the history of the newly selected conversation. A solution is in progress.


  • Enhancement: Hovering over a tab changes the background color to clearly indicate mouse position.
  • Change: User messages are now distinguished by a blue background. The arrow ">" at the beginning of messages has been removed.
  • Change: Increase side bar width.
  • Change: Increase tab bar height.
  • Change: Welcome message styling.
  • Bugfix: Exit button spacing.


  • New feature: Unlimited conversation length. Previously, users would see the message, "The message list is too long...," after the total number of tokens for all messages in a conversation exceeded gpt-3.5's maximum limit of 4096 tokens. To resolve this, GPTAnywhere sends the most recent 4096 tokens in a conversation to maintain the most amount of conversation context for ChatGPT without limiting the maximum length.
  • Enhancement: GPTAnywhere app window can now be maximized or un-maximized by double clicking anywhere on the tab bar (except the close tab 'x' button). On Windows, the app window may also be maximized or unmaximized by double clicking the empty space in the side bar.


  • New feature: Draggable, rearrangle tabs. Users can now drag tabs to their desired order.
  • New feature: Exit button. Users will be prompted before exiting when selecting the new exit button from the sidebar.
  • Change: Prompt suggestion behavior. Each new tab will now show the same prompt to save on memory. Users are now provided with a button to regenerate the prompt on any new tab.
  • Change: Default app window size. Window size will now default to 800x700px.
  • Change: Replace "Inquire With Our AI Assistant..." placeholder with "Inquire With ChatGPT..."
  • Bugfix: Reduce disk and memory usage
  • Bugfix: Active tab history previously disappearing when opening settings (history could be returned by switching tabs).
  • Bugfix: Tab bar styling. Tab bar now has thinner scroll bars on Windows for easier readability.
  • Bugfix: Tab bar can now be scrolled with mouse/scroll wheel


  • New feature: "Manage Conversations" sidebar button. See all your saved conversations and manage them from the new menu. Easily rename, delete, or re-open conversations!
  • New feature: Save state of tabs between startups. Closed conversations will remain closed, even after the app is quit. Users may re-open conversations from the new "Manage Conversations" menu, or with the /open command.
  • Bugfix: Renaming a tab previously focused the last active tab.
  • Bugfix: Closed tabs re-opening after saving settings.
  • Bugfix: Scroll bar could not be dragged on Windows 11 in versions lower than 1.2.2.
  • Bugfix: Close tab behavior.
  • Bugfix: Search input text cutting off on right edge of app.


  • Bugfix: Process not quitting properly on Windows. All processes should now terminate after quitting the app via the system tray icon.
  • Bugfix: Close tab behavior.
  • Tab bar and text input field have now switched positions. Tabs will appear at the top to provide more familiar feel.
  • UI Overhaul.
  • Known bugs:
    • Scroll bar cannot be dragged with mouse on Windows 11. A fix for this bug will be available in 1.2.2.
    • Closed tabs will re-open after saving settings if they are still on disk (not deleted, just closed).
    • Renaming a tab will cause the last active tab to focus. A fix for this bug has already been implemented for 1.2.2.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Change formatting of conversation history on disk. Messages can now be properly distinguished between user and assistant. Users on previous 1.x.x versions will need to backup their old preferences file if they wish to save their conversations.
    • Before upgrading to 1.2.0
      • Windows Users: Press WinKey+R to open the Windows 'Run' dialog. Type '%appdata%/gpt-anywhere' and press enter. Backup and delete GPTAnywherePrefs.json.
      • Mac Users: From the Finder menu bar, select Go>Computer. Navigate to 'Macintosh HD\Library\Application Support\gpt-anywhere'. Backup and delete GPTAnywherePrefs.json.
  • New feature: Automatically load last active conversation on startup.
  • New feature: We've added a sidebar! Easily access settings, delete your current conversation, or jailbreak ChatGPT with a single click.
  • New feature: Jailbreak with DAN. Jailbreak ChatGPT with a single click from the sidebar.
  • New feature: Native command prompt/terminal pass-through, providing a new way to interact with ChatGPT.
  • Bugfix: Tab delete behavior.
  • Bugfix: Conversation styling.

v1.1.4 (current)

  • Styling changes
  • The help message is now pinned to the top of a conversation until the first message is sent
  • Added information to help message and changed formatting


  • New feature: API key no longer needs to be re-entered each time. The key is encrypted using system's default keychain management.
  • Bugfix: Show/hide behavior. The show/hide keyboard shortcut will now bring the app to the foreground on the first input, every single time.


  • New feature: New tab shortcut. Press command (ctrl on Windows) + n to open a new tab.
  • New feature: Close tab shortcut. Press command (ctrl on Windows) + c to close the active tab.
  • Bugfix: Tab bar styling
  • Bugfix: New tab naming logic
  • Bugfix: Show/Hide shortcut relaunches app to current workspace/monitor
  • Streaming no longer in beta. Responses now finish while in background/hidden
  • Replace word 'Overlords' with 'Assistant' in previously dramatic input placeholder
  • Add more easily draggable borders around app
  • Many UX styling improvements


  • New feature: Prompts! Users are greeted with powerful prompts when they create a new tab to further assist their work.
  • New feature: Tabs can now be closed with the 'x' button in the tab bar! The /close command is no longer necessary.
  • Bugfix: Chat scrolling behavior.
  • Bugfix: Tab scrolling behavior.
  • Styling change: Add separator to more easily distinguish between user messages and ChatGPT replies.


  • New feature: Conversations are now auto-saved to local storage. Revisit conversations at anytime, without the internet.
  • New feature: Multiple conversations. Use the new tab bar to quickly switch between conversations.
  • New feature: Previous conversations automatically load on startup.
  • New Commands: /open, /close, /rename, /delete. Use the /help command for more info.
  • Bugfix: Fixed formatting of chat responses. Lists and new lines now display properly.
  • Chat responses are now a different color than user input.
  • Various styling fixes.


  • BETA FEATURE: Added support for response streaming! Certain prompts are much more efficient when they can be streamed in chunks. Users can enable the beta version of response streaming in the settings menu.
  • Added system tray icon.
  • Bugfix: Settings menu previously scrolled out of view as message count increased. This bug has been fixed.
  • Bugfix: Help message now displays user's custom keybinding.
  • Styling fixes.


  • Bugfix: Keyboard shortcuts not registering after a successful save. Custom shortcuts now work properly.
  • Bugfix: Unreadable settings menu due to transparent background. Added solid background.


  • New help message, list available commands with /help.
  • Added Settings menu. Open settings with /config.
  • Added configurable keyboard shortcut to show/hide the GPTAnywhere. See Settings menu.
  • Added preferences file to application support directory.


  • Add loading icon while waiting for response.


  • Initial release.

Upcoming Releases

Q2 2023 Roadmap

  • Add option to switch GPT models (support for GPT-4 coming very soon).
  • Add option to switch APIs.
  • Option to cache API Key to local machine. **may pose a security risk, requires further review
  • Handle new lines properly so lists will be formatted correctly.
  • Multiple Conversations
  • Configurable keyboard shortcut

Q3 2023 Roadmap

  • Configurable font.
  • Submit to Mac App Store.
  • In-app updates.
  • Proper documentation.
  • LangChain support👀
  • Configurable prompt template for assistant.
  • Save, load, and continue previous conversations.
  • Add support for streaming (working prototype needs further refinement).

Q4 2023 Roadmap

  • We moved too fast and checked off too many pervious road map features in a short span of time! Come back for roadmap updates.

Licensed under GNU GPL v3.
Copyright (c) 2023 Timothy Gerstel. All rights reserved.

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