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Small GPTAnywhere Development Update

Discover Split View, the Latest Feature in GPTAnywhere v1.8.0 for Multitasking and Upcoming Performance Improvements in Document Chatting

GPTAnywhere v1.7.0 Adds Support for GPT4All: Chat With Your Own Locally Hosted Large Language Model!

GPTAnywhere v1.6.4: Syntax Highlighting and Large Document Optimization

Revolutionize Your Work with GPTAnywhere v1.6.0: LangChain Integration Enables Real-Time Document Chatting

Upgrade to GPTAnywhere v1.5.6 for Critical Bugfix and New Backup Interval Settings

Safeguard Your Conversations with GPTAnywhere v1.5.5's Automatic Backup and Update Checking

Discover the Newest Feature in GPTAnywhere v1.5.0: Text Searching!

Introducing Light Mode and Response Cancellation: GPTAnywhere v1.4.1's Latest Features for a More Productive ChatGPT Experience

GPTAnywhere Introduces Markdown Support in the Latest v1.4.0 Update!

Enhanced Scrolling and Notarized MacOS App: Discover What's New in GPTAnywhere v1.3.3!

A New Look for GPTAnywhere: UI and Styling Changes in v1.3.1

Unlimited Conversation Length and Enhanced Window Controls with GPTAnywhere v1.3.0

Efficient Multitasking and Accident Prevention: The Exciting New Features of GPTAnywhere v1.2.3 with Rearrangeable Tabs and Exit Button!

Manage Conversations From Our New Interface: New Features in GPTAnywhere v1.2.2

Unlock the Full Potential of ChatGPT with GPTAnywhere v1.2.0: New Sidebar and One-Click Jailbreak with DAN

GPTAnywhere Releases Two New Versions with Enhanced Features and Fixes

Introducing GPTAnywhere v1.1.1: Prompts, Improved Tab Management, and More!

GPTAnywhere Just Got Better: Say Hello to Saving Conversations and Multi-Chat

GPTAnywhere v1.0.4 Released!

GPTAnywhere v1.0.2 Released!

Version 1.0.1 Released!